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REME Designs Partners With Critical Mass and ICON-TV
Former Unique Whips Star to Build Icon Enterprises Show Car

Long Island City, N.Y. -- Icon Enterprises Int'l, designer of high-quality audio and video components for the automobile, announced that Reme Rowland or REME Designs has been tasked with building a project vehicle for the company.

Details on the vehicle and system will follow soon.

"Reme is taking New York by storm," said Alberto, national sales manager for Icon. "He came to the New York office to lay down some graffiti and pick up two ul12 subs and other Critical Mass products for one of his celebrity clients. We are very happy to be working with him, and that he selected Critical Mass for his work."




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DJ Scratch (left) and Reme Rowland of REME Designs

Reme Designs Completes Install for World Famous DJ Using Icon-TV Video Products
DJ Scratch Gets his 2009 Suburban Outfitted with Video and Computer Integration along with Reme Style

Long Island City, N.Y. -- Reme Rowland, owner of REME Designs (, recently completed work on a 2009 Chevy Suburban for none other than DJ Scratch, world-famous DJ who is also known as "Superman on the Wheels of Steel" in the music world. The installation centered on video integration with the vehicles existing entertainment system, as well as adding the ability to integrate a computer for on-the-road work.

Reme installed ICON-TV's F17WIRVGA 17" flip-down monitor in the rear, adding the company's GM Interface to enable video on the front screen to be seen in the rear. He also installed Icon's SVCXGMG9 interface into the factory navigation system, so DJ SCRATCH could interface his ICON pc CAR-PUTER in the front factory screen.

"His client wanted the ICON PC and video integration, so he would be able to cut tracks at the drop of a dime, no matter where he is,? said Alberto, national sales manager for Icon.

DJ scratch is infamous for his musical talents with the turntables, as well as the beats that he drops on stage and records for many hip-hop and and R&B artists. "Reme once again wanted the best quality video products for his high-end clients. That's why he uses ICON products". ICON is very proud to have Reme using our products exclusively for his clients."

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Busta Rhymes’ Critical mass Lamborghini Diablo




Like the exotic craftsmanship of the Lamborghinis Trevor Smith dreamed about growing up in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by his superstar persona. Smith is best known as “Busta Rhymes,” who has fulfilled his Lambo-fantasies, adding his own wild flavor to the bevy of cars that are undeniably ... more













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Wayne Brady's Cadillac Escalade - All-Around Performer, with Critical mass and Icon Tv gear.

Singer, Actor, Comedian Wayne Brady Does it All

A man's character might be his fate, but his talent determines how he gets to his destination. Multi-talented Wayne Brady is headed the right way and traveling in style in his new Escalade.

The performer's gifts and interests are far-ranging. We're all familiar with him from his TV work. But there's more to this performer than playing host or doing improv, and his fans will soon be able to see his expanded repetoire in upcoming ... more



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Ludacris & DTP’  Critical mass Lamborghini & Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 motorcycle















Yeah... we gon’ send this one out to everybody that put mo’ into they cars than they do they relationship. Let’s ride.”




That’s how Ludacris kicks off his hit song “Two Miles an Hour,” with words that prompt a guilty smile.




“Men put more into their car than they do into their relationships because cars don’t talk back to them,” Ludacris explains, phoning in from his Atlanta office. He definitely has an old-timer’s approach to the car game, reflecting Southern tradition. “People take pride in old school in Atlanta, Georgia,” he says.




It’s safe to assume that Ludacris is an expert on the matter of what’s hot on the Atlanta streets. He and his fly rides are as much a state symbol as a sweet Georgia peach. With a slew of hits 10 million records deep, it seems that Ludacris is continuously besting himself. AfterThe Red Light District (Def Jam, 2004) debuted Number One on the Billboard charts and went platinum twice, he’s going for it again with the compilationLudacris Presents...Disturbing Tha Peace...more





















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