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Product Information
The Critical MASS ESL System is just that, an entire system built on the ESL platform. It is a full surround (5.1) system that is designed for multi (4) position placement in the vehicle. The system requires installation by our design / engineering team in either NY, or LA. We provide shipping and insurance to and from any location within the contiguous US states. For more information, please contact ICON Enterprises.

Critical MASS CES5.1 True Surround Sound Electrostatic Hybrid Speaker system.

“The Best Car Audio System I have Ever Heard”
Ben Oh, EditorCar Audio & Elec. 
Starting at $259,000.00 this system is definitely the most expensive Car Audio System In the World. That is, because not only is this the best 5.1 Car Audio system in the world, but most importantly, Audio experts worldwide agree that this is: “The worlds Best sounding Audio System.” Incredibly it’s in a car, and also happens to be the only true 5.1 Car Audio system in existence.
Every listener has their independent front “Sound Stage”. This means the Center Channel is actually in front and center of each listener, and the Right and Left Channels are equidistant from their independent listener and properly staged in front of each listener. THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE WAY TO ACHIEVE 5.1 SURROUND SOUND IN A PASSENGER VEHICLE. For many years now we have been told that 5.1 Car Audio systems work well in cars due to processors with time alignment. In other words by DISTORTING the most important channel they might be able to trick your ears into thinking the sound is coming from the front. Even if that worked (it does NOT work, we use sound deadening to stop echoes in cars) it would only work for one listener at a time. It’s common sense. 
For quite some time now it’s been known that Electrostats are simply better than dynamic speakers at reproducing music. Hearing a well designed Electrostatic speaker system will spoil you forever! Because they are fragile and do to their enormous size, and hefty price tag, Electrostats never made it into the Automotive world. Enter Critical MASS. Born from CMA, the first Automotive Audio school in America whose students have become some of the most important people in the industry, came the first Electrostatic Loudspeaker System (ESL) for the Car. Literally born from the passion to find the truest sound possible in a car. And we did it way back in 1990. During the early 1990s we installed the first 2 panel ESLs for movie stars and celeberties such as Shaquille O’neil. After more than 15 years of passion and innovations in every facet of Car Audio we finally made the ultimate Car Audio system. However this system is light years ahead of our first 2 ESL panel systems. We now integrated 12 ESL panels surrounding every passenger in the vehicle in TRUE surround sound ESL glory for the first time ever in Car Audio history. It took us 15 years! We had to first make the ESL technology durable enough for the automobile. Then, we had to miniaturize it from 8 feet tall to 2 inches tall. Then we needed to make this little ESL panel reproduce the same frequency response as the 8 foot tall ones did. The system had to be the best system ever heard by Audio Professionals world wide. Finally we had to make it affordable. I guess we failed at that one. But Considering the price tag of equally good home ESLs ( 2 x $50,000) that would be (12 x $50,000) $300,000.00 without any of the electronics needed and without the installation, surly this would bring the system over $500,000. But wouldn't you look silly with 12 8 foot tall broken ESLs sticking out of your new ride?


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Customer Reviews

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Best sound system!

The critical mass audio sound system, is the very best money can buy. The quality is the best, and it shows by the craftmanship. All their products are made in the USA. I invested a lot of money in my vehicle and the sound system, and it makes me happy everytime i get into my Bentley GT. I love that it is the best sound system here in the middle east. If you want the best, then buy the best,''Critical Mass Audio''. You will be very happy. نظام الصوت الشامل الكتلة الصوتية ، هو أفضل المال يمكن شراؤه. الجودة هي الأفضل ، ويظهر من خلال الأعمال اليدوية. تصنع جميع منتجاتها في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. لقد استثمرت الكثير من المال في سيارتي ونظام الصوت ، وهذا يجعلني سعيدًا في كل مرة أحصل على سيارة بنتلي جي تي. أنا أحب أن هذا هو أفضل نظام صوتي هنا في الشرق الأوسط. إذا كنت تريد الأفضل ، فاشتر ما هو الأفضل ، '' CRITICAL MASS Audio''. ستكون سعيد جدا.Hassan (31 Oct 2018, 17:36)
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